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Search Basics

These Search Tips are a guide to the process of searching and using PsychSpider to find the information you are looking for. The guide starts with an overview of searching and moves from simple searches using a single word or phrase to more complicated searches using many search terms. Use the many examples as an aid to formulating your own searches.

Quick Tips

Here are some quick tips to get you started (click the underlined words to learn more):

  • PsychSpider is not case sensitive.
    The search engine will find both upper and lower case instances of your search term.
  • PsychSpider transfers any umlaut into the matching basic vowel. Therfore, searching for the term "Lösung" will yield the same results as a search for "Losung".
  • Enclose terms in double quotation marks if you want PsychSpider to take them literally or as a phrase.
  • Expand your searches by linking two or more search terms with OR.
    PsychSpider will find pages that contain at least one of your search terms.
  • Narrow your searches by linking your search terms with AND.
    PsychSpider will find pages that contain all of your search terms.
  • Exclude items that are not relevant to your search by preceding the search term with NOT.

weiterführende Informationen

Additional Information

Tip of the week: Some terms may have more than one meaning in a query. "Depression" can be the illness or the time of the Great Depression in the US. To get relevant results combining your search term with other words might help (Tip 11).

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