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Refining Searches

In many instances, a search produces a results list that is far too long to skim for the information you seek. You can narrow down a search by combining search terms with the AND operator. In effect, this operator imposes more stringent conditions that documents must fulfil in order to appear in the results list. Other possibilities to reduce results are the NOT modifier, Parametric Index/Cluster and Searching in zones or fields.

AND Operator

The AND operator finds pages that match all terms in the query. If any of the search terms is not contained in a document, that document does not appear in the results list. For example, if you are interested in freudsche Psychoanalyse you can issue the query:


implicit AND

White spaces between words are treated as an AND Operator, except you have put quotation marks around your search term.

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Additional Information

Tip of the week: Some terms may have more than one meaning in a query. "Depression" can be the illness or the time of the Great Depression in the US. To get relevant results combining your search term with other words might help (Tip 11).

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