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Parametric Index / Cluster

Sorry, Parametric Index is temporarily not available.

PsychSpider allows you to focus your search on certain aspects of possible hits. If you want to address your search on a certain cluster, PsychSpider gives you the opportunity to choose options from available clusters by activating the checkbox within the Advanced Search Interface.

Checkbox Cluster

Next to your search results PsychSpider shows you options from the clusters keywords, doktype, language and features.


Searching for Freud, would present "Psychoanalysis" as an option in the category "keywords". These options are links, which provide a new search by combining your recent search request with this new option. In our example the new request would be freud AND Keywords:"Psychoanalysis".


Psychspider stores your preference and displays further results with the cluster option. If you want to deselect this preference, just click on the link 'PsychSpider Advanced Search' within the category 'RELATED LINKS'.

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Tip of the week: White spaces between words are treated as an AND Operator, except you have put quotation marks around your search term (Tip 9).

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