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Advanced Search Tips

You can use the Verity Query Language search for terms that contain punctuation marks. You can also nest query terms within other query terms to build precise queries.

Examples of Advanced Search Techniques

Click on a search term to find a more detailed explanation.

Search Term
Finds Pages That Contain ...
either/or proposition
The phrase either/or proposition or either or proposition
"(PSYNDEX Tests"
The phrase PSYNDEX Tests. PsychSpider rewrites the request to avoid syntax problems.
patient OR geduldig AND angst
Stemmed variations of geduldig and angst on the same page or stemmed variations of patient
(patient OR geduldig) AND angst
The search is modified to \(patient OR geduldig\) AND angst and retrieves the same documents as above search.

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Additional Information

Tip of the week: PsychSpider interprets a string of characters separated by spaces enclosed with double quotation marks as a phrase. If you don't use double quotation marks PsychSpider combines your words with AND (Tip 6).

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