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Rules for Interpreting Queries

In general, the PsychSpider reads your query from right to left, processing each search string and operator action in turn to produce a results list of matches. Some operators carry more weight than others, however, which may affect the interpretation of your query.

In the Query Language, the AND operator takes precedence over the OR operator. Search strings linked by the AND operator are processed before search strings linked by the OR operator. The following example is interpreted to mean: Find pages that match geduldig and angst, or pages that match patient.



AND operator is always interpreted first. Parentheses as a nested query are not possible any more.

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Tip of the week: Please keep in mind, that the same content might be characterized with different terms, i.e. 'Online Therapy' is also called 'Web Based Mental Health Service', 'E-therapy', 'Internet Counseling', 'Teletherapy' or 'Cybercounseling' (Tip 9).

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