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Nested Queries

You can enclose search terms and their operators in parentheses to specify the order that they are interpreted.

This search syntax was not really used in the past. But queries with a signatory like 'J.M. Weiss, Effects of coping behavior in different warning signal conditions on stress pathology in rats. J. Comp. Physiol. Psychol. 77 (1971), pp. 1-13' were more common and produced a query parsing error, because of incorrect search syntax. To avoid this error automatic escaping of parentheses was established.


This query will be modified to \(patient OR geduldig\) AND angst. With the display of the results this modified search is shown.


If you want to have the usual effect, which is imposed on a search using parentheses, you have to rewrite the search to map the interpretation order. Above search would then be patient AND angst OR geduldig AND angst.

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Tip of the week: PsychSpider interprets a string of characters separated by spaces enclosed with double quotation marks as a phrase. If you don't use double quotation marks PsychSpider combines your words with AND (Tip 6).

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