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Searching in zones

PsychSpider enables you to limit your search to certain attributes of a document. While indexing the crawled documents PsychSpider extracts zones and fields in documents so that they can be searched. Mime-Type, language, title, keywords, author or URL are such attributes which are kept in zones or fields, so that they become searchable.

To search these fields you can use the Parametric Index or use special search syntax. There is a major difference in the search syntax if the attribute is stored in a zone or in a field. Zones can be searched using the zone name and the relational operator colon (:). Be sure to enclose your search with double quotation marks if it contains spaces, otherwise the part after the space would not be treated as part of your zone search.

Searching for authors

To focus on documents by a specific author use the zone 'author'.


A Comma in your search term results in a query parsing error.

Searching for titles

To concentrate your search on document-titles use 'title'.


Searching for keywords

Keywords are displayed in the Parametric Index / Cluster. If you want to search for a certain keyword use 'keywords'.


Searching for a site or domain

If you want to limit your search to a certain domain you can use the zone 'site'. Structured data of the collections PSYNDEX or SSG Opac is better be limited by using the choice of collections option in the advanced search. Example search:


Search in PsychAuthors

Use 'url:psychauthors' to limit your search to documents within PsychAuthors. You might combine it with title search to get only the authors profile and publications list. Example:


Without 'title:' in the example you get publications lists of other authors, where Küfner is coauthor.


Combine your zone search with terms or other zone / field searches to get precise results. Searching for example for a famous author alone would get you too many hits. If you combine the search for the author with a certain keyword instead, like Piaget AND Keywords:"childhood development", you will get less results.

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Additional Information

Tip of the week: Search Engines like PsychSpider follow links within documents to gather more documents. A document can only be found by the search engine, if a hyperlink exists or the search engine knows the exact URL. If you can't find a specific document (i.e. "Psychoanalyse im Wandel der Zeit"), but you know who has published it (i.e. Universität Trier), PsychSpider might help you to get a contact address, so you will be able to request the document via telephone, letter or E-Mail.

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