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Users expect a meaningful relation between the hit list (selection and sort order of documents) and their search term(s). However, since the search engine can not possibly know the users (implicit) intentions, it can only compute results based solely on the word(s) entered on the command line. PsychSpider assigns weights to documents based on the occurrence of those word(s) in special text segments like title, keyword list, description and body. In addition, the frequency of those term(s) plays a role. If you are dissatisfied with the ranking, try different options in the advanced search menu, for instance Boolean operators, collection selection, field-based searches, etc.

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Tip of the week: Some terms may have more than one meaning in a query. "Depression" can be the illness or the time of the Great Depression in the US. To get relevant results combining your search term with other words might help (Tip 11).

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