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Due to the offers on a web server, when indexed, all or parts of it are assigned to a collection. A collection includes various documents which can be searched together. PSYNDEX, MEDLINE, ERIC and SSG Opac are special collections, as they contain structured data rather than web documents. Nevertheless, they are like all other collections, searchable documents.


This collection of psychology related content includes more than 240 servers from universities, colleges and research institutions. These are mainly servers from Germany, but also with a representation of servers from Europe and the USA / Canada.


This collection predominantly includes contents of electronic Journals dealing with topics from Psychology or neighbouring disciplines. Short of 200 such journals are indexed, about half of which offer open access to all full text articles of current and previous issues. The remainder mainly provide tables of contents and abstracts, but also selected full text articles in some cases. Besides scientific journals, contents of information services related to psychology (e.g. newsletters, monthlies) are listed.

Additionally, the collection features entries of selected, i.e. thematically relevant, documents on about 40 document servers (primarily repositories for theses of German universities). Occasional further entries are related to contributions to conferences (available as full text), publications of research institutes and relevant contents of institutional and personal homepages.

Approximately 30 servers with information on diagnosis and tests are also be specially summarised in this collection.

Resources on the Internet

This collection contains the offers on the psychological societies' websites. These offers are partly divided into different professional societies, each with their own websites. In addition to the German associations, European and international associations are also included. Since January 2008 approximately 150 servers are searched.

A varying number of servers with national and international convention and event websites will be offered in this collection. Past Congresses will also be indexed as much as possible. This is owing to the fact that after an event some organisers upload abstracts and lectures/presentations on to their servers, thus making them available online. The varying numbers stem from the fact that some Conventions / events only run a dedicated server for the period of an event.

DIPF and GESIS websites

And this collection includes all the contents that clearly do not match any of the previous collections. Personal home pages, general information sites, blogs, Foundation websites, and much more are to be found here.


This collection includes all ZPID's own offers (website, blogs, PsychLinker, PsychData). The PSYNDEX database is offered as a separate collection.


This collection is an excerpt from the PSYNDEX database and is updated at least once a month.

SSG Opac

This collection includes the stock of special collections in psychology. Works from 1977 onwards are proven (also occasionally works, which were published before 1977).


This collection includes the psychological subset of MEDLINE/PubMed database from the NLM (National Library of Medicine). All records with 'Psychology' or 'psychological' in MeSH Major Topic have been selected. If there are no MeSH, a combination of 'Psychology' in journal title, keywords and qualifier is taken.

Research Data

This collection contains web pages (full description), which show meta information on primary research data from all areas of psychology. PsychData is the documentation and long-term archiving of this primary research data.


This new collection contains bibliographic records of journal articles and other education-related materials form the ERIC Collection (Education Resources Information Center). Selected are those records with the string 'psycho' in the subject heading. This includes records with the subject of Psychology or some kind of psychological subject like 'Psychological Studies', as well as 'Psycholinguistic' or 'Psychopathology'.

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Tip of the week: Some terms may have more than one meaning in a query. "Depression" can be the illness or the time of the Great Depression in the US. To get relevant results combining your search term with other words might help (Tip 11).

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