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Searching with date

Documents from the databases PSYNDEX, MEDLINE, ERIC and SSG OPAC have a publication date within the record. PsychSpider enables you to search for this date with the field date.

  • search for records published after a certain date, i.e. date>2001
  • search for records published before a certain date, i.e. date<1972
  • searches for records published in a certain year (i.e. 2010), need to be written like date>2009 AND date<2011

There are some limitations:
date=2010 only shows records with the publication date at 1. January 2010. PsychSpider stores a more complex date than the year. To search with '=' means, you have to know the exact date of a publication.


Documents from the World Wide Web (WWW) have a date too, but

  • with pdf files it's the creation date of the pdf, not nessecarily the publication date of the article. Example: articles from Psychologie und Geschichte where published before 2002. In 2009 the articles became open access as pdf files. The date of these articles is 2009 and not 1989-2002 as expected.
  • with normal web pages it's the date of crawling the web page. Most web servers generate the website on the fly, when the user requests the page. The date is always new, that's why PsychSpider isn't able to store an accurate date.
  • with web pages, including Dublin Core metadata, DC.DATE is stored as date in PsychSpider, because it might not be the correct date of the publication, but much better than the date of crawling.

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Tip of the week: Some terms may have more than one meaning in a query. "Depression" can be the illness or the time of the Great Depression in the US. To get relevant results combining your search term with other words might help (Tip 11).

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