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Broadening Searches

Sometimes a simple search produces a disappointing results list. The query may not locate any matching documents, the results list may be too short, or the documents in the results list may not contain the information you are looking for. In these instances, you may need to broaden your search in order to retrieve a more promising results list.

OR Operator

If your simple search has not produced a useful results list, you may have used the wrong term in your query. To increase the chances of finding a document that matches your query, you can use the OR operator with many synonymous or closely related terms. For example, if you want to retrieve documents concerning Essstörungen, enter this query:


The OR operator finds pages that match at least one of the terms in the query. You may find documents that match Magersucht or Bulimie or Anorexia. The pages may also contain more than one term.

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Additional Information

Tip of the week: Search Engines like PsychSpider follow links within documents to gather more documents. A document can only be found by the search engine, if a hyperlink exists or the search engine knows the exact URL. If you can't find a specific document (i.e. "Psychoanalyse im Wandel der Zeit"), but you know who has published it (i.e. Universität Trier), PsychSpider might help you to get a contact address, so you will be able to request the document via telephone, letter or E-Mail.

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