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ZPID is the psychology information center for the German-speaking countries, creating electronic databases on literature, tests, research data, audiovisual media, and web resources to meet the information needs of scientists and psychology professionals.


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Research Area

Research on Information Behavior and Information Literacy investigates how people interact with information and studies what skills and knowledge people need to be successful when searching for and evaluating information.

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Epistemic Beliefs

The focal topic »Epistemic Beliefs and Critical Scientific Thinking« investigates how perceptions of the nature of scientific knowledge influence the use of scientific information.

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contains contact data, CV-Data, research interests, and complete publication lists for psychologists working at universities or other research institutions in the German-speaking countries.

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In addition to bibliometric studies conducted by ZPID, Research includes PsychData, an archive for primary research data in the field of psychology. More of Research


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PSYNDEX is the reference database of psychological literature and tests from the German-speaking countries as well as audiovisual media and intervention programs relevant for psychology. More of PSYNDEX


PubPsych - Discover Psychology

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PubPsych, the new open access psychology information retrieval system with a European focus serves the worldwide academic communities by delivering excellent scientific information.More of PubPsych

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PsychOpen - Publishing Psychology

PsychOpen, ZPID's open-access publishing platform for psychology, offers publishing opportunities for innovative journal ideas. New journals can be launched or existing ones can be transferred to the platform. We support every step of the publishing process using an electronic journal management system including configurable workflow components and professional layout to present your peer-reviewed journal to a worldwide audience. Submit your journal idea using our journal proposal form and start publishing psychology with PsychOpen now!


Electronic Test Archive

The German-language Elektronisches Testarchiv contains complete tests of test authors who have consented to make their instruments available for research on the web.


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Lists the services offered by ZPID for example Teaching Aids for online psychology resources. More of Services


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Includes News, Events Calendar, and job offers in the field of psychology; also subscription to ZPID's RSS feeds. More of Latest

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