Scientometrics and Evaluation

As the »science of science«, the discipline of science studies provides contributions on the history, sociology and theory formation of a science, thus on its individual, social, internal and external scientific facets. Among others, the following questions are the object of science research:

  • How and by whom research results are received,
  • Which thematic trends form,
  • Which individuals or institutions work on specific themes,
  • Which value quantitative and qualitative evaluation criteria have and
  • How science is produced and represented.

For the past 15 years, ZPID has performed science studies as an overarching structure for the description and explanation of developments within the field of psychology. Because of its access to a variety of relevant data sources, the institute is especially predestined for this work. It perceives its tasks in the field of classical science studies, as described above, as well as in the fields of science evaluation and quality assurance.

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Thereby, focus is centred on the development of methods to acquire and analyze quantitative and qualitative data, which are suitable for the specifics of psychology. For this purpose, scientometric as well as hermeneutical methods are employed. Fundamental goals are the transparent presentation and critical discussion of the developed methods and their obtained results, as well as the demonstration of limitations for an advisable scope of interpretation.


The publications by the »science studies and evaluation« line of research inform the scientific community of the international visibility status of psychology research originating from the German-speaking countries and of successful strategies for international orientation. They make a contribution to the documentation and visualization of structural, thematic, methodological and theoretical research trends, as well as to the identification of research deficits. In addition, they play a part in the reappraisal of German-speaking psychology's meaningful historical legacy and make a fundamental contribution to the international and national strengthening of science studies' visibility in psychology, as well as in the internationally shaped modern field of scientometrics.

Furthermore, results of research on the evaluation and quality assurance of scientific work are important for the psychology specialist community to be able to better assess and play a part in decision-making processes in research policy. At the same time, the information is available to science policy makers and administrators, who can inform themselves of the conditions in the field of psychology.

Projects and research topics

Bibliometric use of literature databases
Studies on the development of sub disciplines in psychology, research topics and trends in German and international psychology.

Criteria for the evaluation of scientific institutions and scientists
Methodological and empirical investigations on the conceptualization, trial and acceptance of indicators, which are suitable for the assessment of the quality of scientific work in the field of psychology.

Citation as recognition of scientific work by colleagues
Theoretical und methodological papers on the meaning of citations for the attribution of reputation and quality evaluation (»currency of science«), generally as well as specifically within the field of psychology.

History of psychology
Papers on the historiography of the field of psychology.

ZPID-Monitor of the internationalization of psychology from the German-speaking countries
Performed annually since 2000 for scientometric documentation of the internationality and progressive internationalization of psychology research from the German-speaking countries.

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