Determining criteria for the evaluation of scientific institutions and scientists

The evaluation of scientific institutions and scientists plays an increasingly large role in the allocation of limited resources. At the end of the 1990's, a comprehensive study already pursued the question of which criteria are suitable for appropriate evaluation. A representative sample of psychology professors was questioned pertaining to their attitudes toward a large number of very diverse evaluation criteria.

The pleasing result of this survey was that the scientific community shows a broad consensus on evaluation criteria and that there is a general agreement that many different criteria are approximately equally important. Consequentially, the conclusion was drawn that every evaluation that only includes few criteria is to be considered one-sided and inappropriate.

In addition, in 2003 a survey was conducted on experts about their experiences and recommendations for the internationalization of psychology research originating in the German-speaking region. In 2012, a further expert survey investigated the experiences of German-speaking scientists with (successful) publications in English-speaking scientific journals, in order to acquire indications of critical success factors.

Select publications

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  • Montada, L., Krampen, G., & Burkard, P. (1999). Persönliche und soziale Orientierungslagen von Hochschullehrer/innen der Psychologie zu Evaluationskriterien über eigene berufliche Leistungen. Psychologische Rundschau, 50, 69-89.


  • Mayer, A.-K., & Krampen, G. (2014, September).
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