Library 2.0

The project "The additional value of a user-focused Library 2.0" analyses the benefit of new technologies in the daily academic work routine and aims to enhance their usability.

Project Partner: Dr. Stephanie Linek (ZBW), Dr. Erich Weichselgartner (ZPID), Prof. Dr. Sonja Utz (IWM)

Project Description


New technologies are increasingly changing the daily academic work routine by means of new ways of communication and participation (Science 2.0). However, research has rarely focused on the advantages and disadvantages of these technologies from the researcher's perspective.

Within the research alliance Science 2.01, focus group interviews have been conducted, comparing new and conventional information channels, as well as modern library services (Library 2.0). Based on these results, further studies will analyze the additional value and quality criteria of information services. The objective is to adjust academic information and infrastructure establishments to the needs of researchers.



  • Linek, S., Steinhagen, E., Ostermaier-Grabow, A., Weichselgartner, E., Dietsch, F., & Waeldin, S. (in prep.). Bericht zur Fokusgruppenuntersuchung. Voruntersuchung zu den Mehrwerten einer Library 2.0.

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