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ZPID's products help you to better orient yourself in the flood of digital information.

The search index of the discipline-specific vertical psychology search engine PsychSpider1 only includes terms relevant for psychology.

PsychLinker2 is a collaboratively created collection of 6,000+ internet resources relevant for psychology.

PubPsych is the easy way to find psychological literature and offers free access to an expanding range of international databases.

BLInk-Training – Participants learn how to search, access, and evaluate psychological information using scholarly databases, web search engines, and other online resources.

Psychology in Europe

Psychology in Europe

A comprehensive directory of psychological associations, university departments, research centers and publishers in Europe. Locate institutions on Google Maps.

PsychAuthors lists German-speaking authors, publishing scientifically in the field of psychology.

Goal of the psychology data archive PsychData is the documentation and long-term archiving of research data from all areas of psychology and the human sciences, using specially created metadata and to provide use of the data for scientific purposes such as secondary analysis and reanalysis.

PsychOpen is the European Open-Access Publishing Platform for Psychology

ePublications3 presents issues from 'Psychologie und Geschichte'4 and 'Proceedings of the Workshop on European Psychology Publication Issues'5.

PSYNDEX is the reference database of psychological literature and tests from the German-speaking countries as well as audiovisual media and intervention programs relevant for psychology.

The electronic Test Archive8 contains complete tests which may be downloaded for research and teaching.

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