JSPP Call for Papers on »Multiple Perspectives in Conflict Settings«

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The Journal of Social and Political Psychology (JSPP)1 welcomes submissions for a special thematic section on »Multiple Perspectives in Conflict Settings: From Diversity to Pluralism«, guest edited by Sandra Penic, Guy Elcheroth, Steve Reicher, Ramila Usoof-Thowfeek.

JSPP is interested in manuscripts that document diversity in experiences and perspectives of conflict and/or analyse the role of silenced memories, forgotten events, and complex identities, in societies marked by communal violence, or within a broader international context.

There is particular demand for papers that, from a social or political-psychological perspective, examine the psychological, social and political consequences of knowing and sharing multiple perspectives of conflict; or analyse the underlying socio-psychological processes, and structural, political or institutional mechanisms, that foster or restrict sharing of these multiple perspectives.

The submissions shall be long abstracts (1.000 words) and must be sent by February 1, 2017 to . For further information, please follow the link2.

JSPP is published on PsychOpen, The European Open-Access Publishing Platform for Psychology. PsychOpen is a project by ZPID.

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