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The Journal of Social and Political Psychology (JSPP) is planning a special thematic section on »Rethinking Health and Social Justice Activism in a Post-Liberal World«.

Catherine Campbell, Flora Cornish and Cristian Montenegro from London School of Economics and Political Science are guest editors for this special JSPP section.

The guest editors argue that liberal values are no longer taken for granted as well as a culture of dialogue, trust and respect especially if people have different opinions. »Political polarisation of citizens is more notable than cohesion. Solidarity across class or identity or political boundaries appears out of date.«

While it was once believed that the internet and social media will lead to a »greater equalization of opportunity and improved participation«, we find ourselves in filter bubbles and note often aggression against people with different opinions.

Against this background the guest editors asked, what are the appropriate strategies for activists in the fields of health and other forms of social justice? Deadline for abstract submissions (1.000 words) is Monday, June 19. Detailed information about the special thematic section can be found online at jspp.psychopen.eu1.

JSPP is published by PsychOpen2, the European Open-Access Publishing Platform for Psychology operated by the Leibniz Institute for Psychology Information (ZPID).

news published: 2017-06-09

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