ZPID director appointed as member to IMIRA project's advisory board

advisory board IMIRA project

ZPID director Michael Bosnjak has been appointed as member to IMIRA projectís advisory board, a project of the Robert Koch Institute1. IMIRA2 stands for Improving Health Monitoring in Migrant Populations. The aim is to improve the availability of health-related data and information of people with a migration background.

The main research shall focus on motivating them for health surveys. The final result shall be a specific concept available for monitoring migrant populations which takes, as an example, language differences into account.

Bosnjak has more than 20 years of experience in data collection and survey research. Hence, his expertise is sought after on the advisory board. Among other tasks the members have to submit and recommend how health monitoring among migrant populations may be developed.

IMIRA project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Health. The Robert Koch Institute is the governmentís central scientific institution in the field of biomedicine. One of its tasks is the continuous monitoring of public health trends in Germany.

news published: 2017-09-28

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