Guest Scientist at ZPID – Project on Formalization of Experimental Workflows

Alexander Garcia and Michael Bosnjak

The Leibniz Institute for Psychology Information (ZPID) is hosting a guest scientist at the moment: data scientist Dr. Alexander Garcia from the University of Graz.

Garcia, together with Dr. Erich Weichselgartner, Deputy Director and Head of Information Technology of ZPID, is working on a project dealing with the formalization of experimental workflows in psychology.

They are focusing on an important problem in open science: Part of the often-encountered reproducibility problem is related to poor methodological descriptions of the research, the lack of formal relations to the data and materials as well as the unstructured nature of descriptions for workflows.

Garcia has a background in data integration and semantic web in the biomedical domain. When asked about his research Garcia stated: »We are looking into experiences from other domains and determining how could these be applied to psychology, into what needs to be done in order to build an open science infrastructure for psychology.«

It is Garcia’s second visit to ZPID. His first was in 2015, when he and Weichselgartner worked together as co-organizers of the Dagstuhl Perspectives Workshop1.

[Caption: Alexander Garcia (left) and ZPID director Michael Bosnjak]

News erstellt am: 19.10.2017

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