Heiko Maus from DFKI talks about the Semantic Desktop

Heiko Maus

How to manage information overload at work, presented Dr. Heiko Maus1 from the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI)2 in a speech at the Leibniz Institute for Psychology (ZPID).

Maus is head of the topic field »Knowledge Work« at the Smart Data & Knowledge Services Department3 of DFKI. »We deal with the question, how to support knowledge workers«, said Maus. »They are confronted with various applications, are involved in several projects and processes and face an ever increasing flow of information.« The Semantic Desktop4 may be a solution.

Maus and his colleagues developed a tool to filter information from different sources as documents, emails, calendar entries or websites and to categorize them, e.g. on the issue risk management. All files that fit into the same category are brought together.

If the knowledge worker wants to know what he has already collected on the issue at a later date, he will get a precise overview. Idle searches in numerous emails or data sets are obsolete. The basic principle for that solution are semantic technologies, which filter concepts out of files.

ZPID and DFKI have had contacts for years. »We would like to intensify them in the future«, says ZPID director Michael Bosnjak. »We are a content provider, DFKI is a technology provider. This is where we see a connection.«

news published: 2017-10-20

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