DFG Project Application on Epistemic Change Approved

Tom Rosman

A big success for the Leibniz Institute for Psychology Information (ZPID): The German Research Foundation (DFG)1 funds a project on »Epistemic Change« (MEPIC) for the duration of two years.

According to ZPID director Professor Michael Bosnjak, »the approved project strengthens the profile of ZPID as a research-based infrastructure institution. It perfectly fits in the new strategic research focus and is a personal success for Dr. Rosman.«

Dr. Tom Rosman will supervise the project: »There are no absolute truths in science. However, science is not entirely subjective either. Our goal is to tackle such undifferentiated views.«

One central research question will consist in investigating whether it is possible to obtain a differentiated perception of science. To do so, intervention modules will be developed, that may later on be used by both researchers and practitioners.

In an era of information overload, fake news and »alternative facts«, the project might contribute to solving one of society’s most pressing challenges, according to Rosman, by »helping individuals to distinguish between truth and fiction.«

news published: 2017-11-06

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