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The Leibniz Institute for Psychology Information (ZPID) and the journal Comprehensive Results in Social Psychology (CRSP)1 offer three fully sponsored online studies. Researchers, who would like to benefit from this opportunity, have to submit a proposal.

ZPID and CRSP are seeking innovative projects in social psychology. Selections are based on their innovation, scientific merits, and feasibility to be implemented using ZPID's online lab infrastructure.

When chosen, researchers get support for the empirical part of their research. This support is embedded in a peer-reviewed preregistration process of CRSP and also into the support mechanisms of ZPID to collect and archive research data.

Preregistration is one practice that might contribute to good research. ZPID and CRSP are seeking to promote peer-review preregistration, where authors benefit from reviews of their proposal prior to data collection. Hence, ZPID and CRSP initiated this preregistered study project.

For further information, please see

Please submit the proposals at, refering to "ZPID proposal", by December 31, 2017.

For prior inquiries, please send an email to with the ref: "ZPID proposal".

news published: 2017-11-24

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