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Directions to ZPID

The Leibniz Institute for Psychology Information (Leibniz-Zentrum für Psychologische Information und Dokumentation, ZPID) is located at the University of Trier (Campus I) in Building D (Psychology), Universitätsring 15, 54296 Trier.


In Trier, follow the signs marked Universität. On the street called Kohlenstrasse, you will see a sign Parkplatz West. This is a free parking lot with no time limit. From here, a footpath heading south will take you to the entrance to Building D, a white building with a large bronze figure in front of the main entrance.

Public Transport

From the railway station, take Bus number 3 (direction Universität). Get off at the stop marked Tarforst/Universität. You will see the university campus with blue and white buildings to your right. Go up the steps and turn left over the pedestrian bridge. On the right-hand side, you will pass Building E. Building D is right behind it. At the T-junction, turn right for the main entrance to Building D.

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Bus schedules can be found on the website of the Verkehrsverbund Region Trier (in German).

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