Mission Statement

Global Objective

Our objective is to provide a comprehensive, sustainable, and professionally based documentation and communication of information in the field of psychology.


We are

  • your information specialist in the field of psychology
  • your navigator through the worldwide specialized information related to psychology

We deliver

  • high-quality services based on professionally selected and prepared information
  • customized services for research, study, professional training and continuing education, companies, media, politics, and the informed general public
  • user-friendly access to information using state-of-the-art technology
  • research and development for improved and exemplary use of specialized information

We contribute to

  • the efficiency, quality assurance, and sustainability of psychological research in the German-speaking countries
  • the advancement of psychology as a scientific discipline
  • developing the international profile of psychology from the German-speaking countries
  • effective training, continuing education, and advanced training in psychology
  • communication between research and science
  • the dissemination of specialized psychological knowledge to related disciplines and the general public

External Cooperation and Communication


  • cooperate with partners such as universities, libraries, specialist publishers, information vendors, and scientific societies nationally and internationally
  • communicate with our partners and clients in a cooperative, friendly, and open way, viewing their satisfaction as a decisive success factor
  • guarantee confidentiality of information and outcomes for all clients' literature searches
  • use external evaluation for the critical assessment of our work

Organization and Internal Communication


  • see ourselves as a team - productive, competent, innovative, and flexible
  • encourage cooperation and the active exchange of information at all work stages and on all institutional levels
  • practice a cooperative and transparent management style to promote personal responsibility and ensure the greatest possible degree of staff participation
  • work continuously on optimizing our work processes
  • encourage continuing education and support personal initiative in the work of the institute
  • provide family-friendly and nondiscriminatory work conditions
  • believe in the recognition of achievement and self-criticism

Our work climate aims to promote friendliness, a willingness to help others, and mutual courtesy. We approach each other with interest, dignity, and respect.

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