IuK2001 The 7th Annual Meeting of the IuK Initiative
Information and Communication of the Learned Societies in Germany
»Cooperative Systems«
Trier, March 11 - 14, 2001


14-Mar-01, 13.00 h The conference has ended.
13-Mar-01, 19.00 h Daily snapshots
13-Mar-01, 13.00 h The panel discussion on »Legal Aspects of Information Systems« was broadcasted over the MBone. A retransmission is planned. We also will make the audio recording available in mp3 format.
Special thanks to Matthias Shen (Computer Centre), Paul Berghäuser and Jörg Dewald (Media Technology).
13-Mar-01, 10.00 h Mauri Collins in the »Tagsthemen« http://www.tagesthemen.de/archiv/2001/03/12/sendung/tt-2231/meldungen/chatter.html?list=TS-XA-20010312-157771,6 (Das Chat-Phänomen)
12-Mar-01, 19.00 h Daily snapshots
11-Mar-01, 19.00 h Daily snapshots
11-Mar-01, 15.30 h Keynote speaker Mauri Collins was interviewed by German television (SWR) on psychological aspects of new forms of communication. The interview will be shown in »Tagesthemen« (ARD) on Monday, March 12, 22.30 - 23.00 h CET.
10-Mar-01, 15.00 h Daily snapshots

The IuK 2001 is organized by the German Psychological Association (DGPs) and the Institute for Psychology Information (ZPID).

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